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Our designer has over 30 years of experience in commercial decorating and staging. Specifically increasing the appeal and cash flow of the sales floors of G Fox & JC Penny.  We can help you generate more sales from your space and increase the value of your commercial property.

Designing your commercial space to make your customers and clients relaxed and secure in doing business with you is vital to your success. We can help you maximize the value of your investment by making the appearance of your office, restaurant, hotel, retail or commercial space stylish and attractive. Concerns about the environment are highly prevalent today and as businesses and individuals take responsibility and seek to behave in environmentally friendly ways, it is reassuring to know that affordable, sustainable interior design possibilities for your commercial space is available.

Very often businesses open their doors with little attention to how their sales floor looks. Here are 6 reasons why commercial decorating and staging are critical to your success.

#1: Well designed Commercial spaces can increase employee morale and productivity. All employers want to maximize the output of their employees but it is incredibly hard to achieve this if staff are expected to work in drab, uninspiring and tired spaces. Large companies will quite often invest in the interior design of their offices, but it is equally as important for small companies that rely on employee output to do the same. It can often mean the difference between business success and failure.

#2: Commercial decorating and staging should never be seen as an unimportant or unnecessary expense. To the contrary, it is an excellent investment. Office interior design does not have to be expensive either; there are a number of ways that office spaces can be adapted and enhanced to increase the productivity and success of your business.

#3: Having to design a commercial space can seem an incredibly daunting prospect for many business owners. However, the services of an experienced commercial decorating and staging professional can be sought for support with updating or, for the first time, designing an office interior.

#4: As well as employees, it is likely that you will have clients and business partners visiting your office. It is important that these important people receive an appropriate welcome and understand more about your business from the office space they are welcomed into. Your commercial interior design can actually speak volumes about your business, its values and the approach that it takes.

#5: The design of your commercial space should also reflect the nature of the business that you run. A warm and welcoming environment is important but there should also be a synergy between the office interior design and the purpose and function of your business. For example, a retail store for teenagers and young adults is likely to be brightly decorated with high energy, whereas a doctor’s surgery may appear more professional and take advantage of more subdued, calming and neutral tones. It is essential that your commercial space has an appropriate interior theme. Conveying an incongruent or inappropriate message about your business can be damaging to your success.

#6: It is increasingly possible to have a sustainable Commercial decorating and staging that makes extensive use of renewable and environmentally friendly products. In particular, commercial carpet need not be your boring, conventional broadloom carpet. There are an incredible number of options (including carpet tiles) that are made from sustainable materials and through processes involving minimal environmental impact.

Contact us today to help revitalize your office, hotel, restaurant, retail location, commercial space or place of worship. Applying updated, refreshed and innovative design can breathe life and communicate positive messages about your organization and how it respects its employees and customers.