Decorating all about the details, regardless of how big your space is

Decorating all about the details, regardless of how big your space is

5 Amazing Home Decorating Tips

Everyone is wishing to have the best decorated home. However, the part when the ideas turn to reality is the hardest for many people – and in order to know how to decorate your home, you must embrace the creativity present in each area of your life.

In a nutshell, decor can be a style of expressing yourself. In order to give your home the best design ever, we share some of the top home decorating tips with you:

  1. Make Your Bed a Piece of Artwork

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you have and a rest sanctuary for every night. That is why the bed decor is important in order to create an expression of art and even enhance the practical comfort of your bed. Some of the best home decor ideas oriented to bedding include the use of dark wallpapers, vintage images and white walls around it to highlight its lines creating a magnificent effect.

  1. Improve Your Room With a Chandelier

Ornate chandeliers were originally design to grace only the finest formal dining rooms and grand entryways with their ambient light. As the decorative style of chandeliers has evolved, so has their placement in the home. however making your place unique in terms of home decor can definitely start with adding a chandelier and accenting the natural elegance of your home.

Function: A chandelier adds “ambient light” — indirect, evenly spread light that illuminates a room. Ambient light adds comfort to the room and makes it easy to see in the illuminated space. In a bedroom, lighting is often focused on task light — bedside lamps and maybe a desk lamp — so a chandelier can offer full-room lighting when natural light is limited.

Decorative: A chandelier adds an interesting design element to the ceiling, drawing the eye up to take in the entire room. A substantial chandelier, either by size or by noteworthy design, can even become the focal point of the room and a jumping-off point for the entire design scheme.

A great tip when choosing a home decor chandelier is to look for a soothing light.

  1. Use Beach Sand As A Home Decor Accessory

Being on the beach is one of the most popular day-travel experiences of many. Well, you can be a step closer to your imagination with adding beach sand under your work station desk at home. However, if you are not a fan of the sandy feeling, artificial grass may do the trick as well.  Additionally beach sand makes a great candle holder, experiment with different jars, vases and sea shells to create a memory of your favorite summer vacation.

  1. Make Your Staircases Spiral

Not only spiral staircases save great deals of space, they are also adding up to the home decor and elegance of your home. Go for a twisted walk to your bed if you are living in a duplex – you will definitely love it!  Beyond to their  nostalgic appeal and ability to enhance a home’s décor, spiral staircases are also a practical alternative particularly when floor space is limited since they require much less room than traditional stairs and potentially add value to a home. Since a spiral staircase is so compact they can be placed in a corner of a room if space is limited.

  1. Storage Options Under The Stairs

The unused space under your stairs can be the best place for the seasonal objects and things you don’t use much. Without having to occupy your bedroom, you can store your belongings behind the stairs with covering that extra room with a curtain – or even inside the stairs, under each step – making them look like drawers.

In the end, home decor is all about your comfort and the way you feel. The modern colors, styles and shapes of your furniture and home decor must be what you like to guarantee maximum satisfaction!